A Property Management Company

About Us


We are a Property
Management Company.

Amina properties is a fast-growing property management. We currently have our head offices located in Limbe, we still continue to thrive our services across Malawi.

Cash Flow

We prepare realistic budgets, keep a handle on expenses and provide options for your revenues.

Capital Appreciation

We plan maintenance and capital improvements to ensure your property values remain strong.

Tenant Relations

We strive to make them feel like part of the community within their building.

From financial management to building operations, we have the in-house expertise to help you draft and implement sound strategies that ensure your property is being run smoothly. We manage condominiums, residential and commercial properties across Malawi.

For over 20 years, we have been doing one thing: managing your properties – and we do it well. We’ve developed the systems and controls needed to ensure the highest calibre of quality unmatched in our industry. This includes marketing, maintenance, human resources, accounting and reporting

Our business systems are fully integrated to ensure that we are continually fulfilling the needs of our clients. Our accounting software integrates with our electronic purchase order/payable system, our website & our Condo Portal or Vacancy Module to allow for a seamless transfer of information.

Our Skills

Some skills that make us successful

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